Your Day with Home Connect

Do you have time to run to the store while your laundry finishes drying? Was your refrigerator door left open? Has your dishwasher finished its cycle?

If you’re not standing in your combination kitchen-laundry room, you probably don’t know the answers to these questions. That is, not unless you have the Home Connect app enabled with your Bosch and Thermador appliances. With the Home Connect app, harnessing the power of your appliances has never been easier. Let’s take a look at your day, improved by Home Connect:

Start your morning off right by ordering a cup of coffee right from your bed. Use your smartphone or tablet to easily craft your perfect cup of coffee, choosing from a wide variety of customizable drinks or exclusive CoffeeWorld beverages, inspired exotic creations from around the globe.

Once you roll out of bed and grab your coffee, you remember you’re out of laundry detergent. Use Amazon Dash Replenishment to order all the essentials for your connected appliances, then setup auto reorder to save even more time.

Make breakfast a breeze by connecting your Amazon Echo to control and monitor your Home Connect appliances by voice, then ask Alexa to heat up your oven, adjust the cooking time or turn off the current cooking program.

Now you’re on your way to the office, halfway there and wonder: Did I leave the refrigerator door open? Is the oven still on? Just check your phone for a notification from the Home Connect app letting you know that the door didn’t quite close all the way. The app also enables you to remotely stop the current cooking program on your oven from anywhere. Go the extra mile to link your Nest thermostat and Home Connect will give you the option to remotely power off your oven when Nest automatically detects that you’ve left your home.

It’s midday when you realize you forgot to start the washing machine before you left. With your Bosch connected washing machine, you can start or adjust a load of laundry from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

After a day that seemed to drag on forever and a traffic jam 10 miles long, you finally make it home only to realize your oven won’t turn on. Although we hope your appliance never needs to be serviced, the Home Connect app’s remote diagnostics is here to help if it does. With just one call to Home Connect phone number, you can make an appointment for a remote customer service representative to assess your appliance, locate the problem and determine the best solution, including scheduling an in-home appointment to resolve the issue if necessary.

Once your oven is up and running, prepare dinner in a jiffy by wirelessly connecting to Drop Scale to be guided through countless recipes step by step, using the Drop Recipes platform to control and monitor your oven directly within the recipe you choose.

If that’s not enough, use IFTTT Applets to customize and even better control your Home Connect appliances. Wind down from your day on the couch and wait for your applet to blink the living room light when your dishwasher’s cycle is complete.

Ready to make your home a Home Connect home? If you’re interested in bringing connectivity to your home, stop by Snow Bros. Appliance to learn more about the Bosch and Thermador appliances best fit for you.

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