Changing Trends in Home Design: Snow Bros. featured in Properties Magazine

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The July 2019 issue of Properties Magazine

Over our nearly 100 years in business, Snow Bros. Appliance has become well-known for our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Between weekly visits from manufacturer representatives and traveling across the country for training trips, our employees are always learning, making them experts in their field.

Thanks in part to this reputation, one of our very own was recently featured in Properties Magazine. This monthly publication has been providing Northeast Ohio with the region’s latest trends in realty, construction and architecture since 1946.

Marketing Coordinator Meghan Guattery was asked to write a piece for Inside Design, a special section of the publication, discussing the latest trends in major home appliances. Touching on new hardware options, finish fads and smart technology, her article covers everything from GE Café’s new Matte collection to Bosch’s Home Connect app.

Whether you’re looking to remodel a current kitchen, incorporate the hottest trends in your new build or just learn more about what’s new in the industry, check out the full article in the July 2019 issue of Property Magazine for all the latest home appliance trends.

Your Day with Home Connect

Do you have time to run to the store while your laundry finishes drying? Was your refrigerator door left open? Has your dishwasher finished its cycle?

If you’re not standing in your combination kitchen-laundry room, you probably don’t know the answers to these questions. That is, not unless you have the Home Connect app enabled with your Bosch and Thermador appliances. With the Home Connect app, harnessing the power of your appliances has never been easier. Let’s take a look at your day, improved by Home Connect:

Start your morning off right by ordering a cup of coffee right from your bed. Use your smartphone or tablet to easily craft your perfect cup of coffee, choosing from a wide variety of customizable drinks or exclusive CoffeeWorld beverages, inspired exotic creations from around the globe.

Once you roll out of bed and grab your coffee, you remember you’re out of laundry detergent. Use Amazon Dash Replenishment to order all the essentials for your connected appliances, then setup auto reorder to save even more time.

Make breakfast a breeze by connecting your Amazon Echo to control and monitor your Home Connect appliances by voice, then ask Alexa to heat up your oven, adjust the cooking time or turn off the current cooking program.

Now you’re on your way to the office, halfway there and wonder: Did I leave the refrigerator door open? Is the oven still on? Just check your phone for a notification from the Home Connect app letting you know that the door didn’t quite close all the way. The app also enables you to remotely stop the current cooking program on your oven from anywhere. Go the extra mile to link your Nest thermostat and Home Connect will give you the option to remotely power off your oven when Nest automatically detects that you’ve left your home.

It’s midday when you realize you forgot to start the washing machine before you left. With your Bosch connected washing machine, you can start or adjust a load of laundry from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

After a day that seemed to drag on forever and a traffic jam 10 miles long, you finally make it home only to realize your oven won’t turn on. Although we hope your appliance never needs to be serviced, the Home Connect app’s remote diagnostics is here to help if it does. With just one call to Home Connect phone number, you can make an appointment for a remote customer service representative to assess your appliance, locate the problem and determine the best solution, including scheduling an in-home appointment to resolve the issue if necessary.

Once your oven is up and running, prepare dinner in a jiffy by wirelessly connecting to Drop Scale to be guided through countless recipes step by step, using the Drop Recipes platform to control and monitor your oven directly within the recipe you choose.

If that’s not enough, use IFTTT Applets to customize and even better control your Home Connect appliances. Wind down from your day on the couch and wait for your applet to blink the living room light when your dishwasher’s cycle is complete.

Ready to make your home a Home Connect home? If you’re interested in bringing connectivity to your home, stop by Snow Bros. Appliance to learn more about the Bosch and Thermador appliances best fit for you.

Wolf Dual Convection

Whole Meal In, Whole Meal Out: The Wolf dual convection system circulates heat evenly across all racks, even when the oven is filled with five different dishes at once! Watch as Chef Coleman prepares a leg of lamb, mac and cheese, roasted potatoes, vegetables and mixed berry crisp all at the same time! Interested in outfitting your home with a dual convection oven? Stop by our showroom to purchase yours today!


Used with permission from Wolf/Subzero/Cove Haven.

The Cove Dishwasher at Snow Bros. Appliance

CHECK IT OUT: Our showroom in Lyndhurst now boasts a Cove dishwasher! In this video, Sub-Zero and Wolf Executive Chef Coleman Teitelbaum breaks down the Cove difference, including near-silent operation, adjustable racks and three spray arms.

Stop by today to see for yourself!



Appliance Misnomers!

  • “I measured my current refrigerator.”
    • We need the available space in your kitchen not the dimension of your current refrigerator.
  • “My dryer plugs in, so it’s electric.”
    • Actually, all dryers plug in. An electric dryer runs on a 220 volt outlet. I tell my customer who are unsure that this plug would be quite large, similar to the size of your fist. A gas dryer DOES plug in! This is just a 110 volt outlet to operate the control panel. You would then also have a gas shut off behind the dryer.
  • “My doorways are standard width.”
    • If only the world was that kind. There is no such thing as a standard doorway. We have to be particularly careful with this in the Cleveland area where some of the homes are over 100 years old. The doors are often too narrow to get some of the larger appliances into the space desired. If needed, doors can been taken down to maximize space but it can still be tight!
  • “I have a dishwasher in my kitchen now so any new one will fit.”
    • Wrong. We always have to pay special attention to the height of the opening. In some cases, people have installed new flooring in front on the dishwasher which shortens the opening. This will deter an install from getting the current dishwasher out or getting the new one in.
  • “I don’t want convection in my oven because I’ve never used it before.”
    • All ovens that have a convection bake setting also has a traditional bake setting! Even if you have convection, you do not have to use it.
  • “I have a 30″ cooktop in granite counter tops, show me what will work.”
    • I’d love to! But, I don’t know the dimensions of the cutout in your beautiful counter tops. Without having the dimensions underneath your cooktop, we can not 100% point you towards a cooktop that you would not have to cut the counter to make fit.

I’m sure the list could go on. Since we are not buying appliances on a daily basis there can be a lot of details over looked. It is our job at Snow Bros to make sure we guide you in the right direction and ask all the right questions. Feel free to hit us with all of your silliest questions!

When is it time to replace your water filter?

“Replace Filter” light on? We know this can be annoying, but is it really time to replace the filter? As you may know, these filters are not cheap! Most of them range from $45-$55 (ouch) so we want to use them as long as possible.

The refrigerator manufacturer wants us to buy as many filters as possible within the life of our refrigerator. They recommend replacing the filter every six months. Regardless of how much you have actually used the water dispenser, that light will come on to tell you to buy a new one.

We recommend you press the “reset” button and keep using that bad boy! The purpose of a water filter is to remove the sediment and impurities from our ice and water. If there are only a couple of people in the household and the dispenser is not being used frequently, we can get far more than six months! You will know it is time to swap out the filter when the water dispenser starts to turn to a trickle, the ice production is slow or you have noticed a funny smell to the ice/water. This simply means that the sediment the filter has been working so hard to keep out of you water has begun to build up and is no longer allowing the water to flow through. An old water filter can also lead to ice maker and water dispenser issues.

You’re in luck! We here at Snow Bros. want you to have clean water AND save money! We stock all brands of water filters and will be happy to help you find what filter you need for your model of refrigerator. As an added bonus, since we’re so excited about our water filter blog post, we are offering 10% off select Whirlpool water filters! Stop by sometime soon to talk water filters with us!

Save 10% on Whirlpool Filters


Welcome, Mike!

The staff here at Snow Bros. would like to welcome our newest staff member, Mike Matej. He is a veteran in the appliance industry and we are all very eager to learn and grow with him. Here are a few words from the man himself:


“Mr. Mike Matej here. As a member of the appliance retail industry for over 40 years, I have seen it all. Most recently, the closing of my former employer, B&B Appliance. I worked at B&B Appliance for 15 years. Throughout my time with B&B I was able to develop strong relationships with members of the community. As sad as I am to see the company say goodbye, I would like to welcome all past and future customers to come see me at my new place of employment, Snow Bros. Appliance. With my new family at Snow Bros. I am able to carry on serving the customers I have been for so many years. We are all about family here and I find it important to keep supporting the local independent.”

Pro-Style Ranges

Nothing defines a high-end kitchen like one of these beefy ranges!  With large handles, big knobs, heavy-duty grates and high BTU output burners, the robust pro-range has become the centerpiece of the kitchen.

Industrial style ranges started gaining ground in the 1980’s when homeowners were looking for larger, more powerful ranges that had restaurant style add-on’s such as grills and griddles.  The size of these units, especially the depth, was an issue. The industrial range was not designed for residential use so they got extremely hot.  Fast forward to about 1988 when Viking came out with the “Pro Style Solution” range that was shallower and better insulated so it wouldn’t burn down your kitchen.

GE Monogram ZDP486NDPSS

The pro-ranges of today deliver between 15,000 and 25,000 BTU’s of burner power while also offering a low simmer option gentle enough to melt butter or chocolate and even handle delicate sauces.  These units come in a wide array of sizes starting as small as 24″ wide, all the way up to 60” wide units.  The larger the unit, the more options you available. Such as an indoor grill, griddle, French top or additional burners. Once you make the jump to a 48″ unit or larger you pick up two ovens or possibly a steam/convection oven and warming drawer.

Thermador PRD48JDSGU

Majority of these units are available in all gas or a dual fuel. Dual fuel offers you the gas cook surface and electric oven. However, the dual fuel does come at a premium. Any one of these units is going to set you back anywhere between $4,000.00 to $19,000.00. We currently have the Thermador, Wolf, Jenn-Air, Miele and GE Monogram units hooked up live for customers to “test drive”. The Dacor, Viking and KitchenAid brands are also on display. Come on in, take a look and ask your salesperson to show you how they operate!

Wolf GR364G

Written by Rick Ritt, Builder Sales Specialist



Coming soon…Proper Ventilation for your Cook Surface.