When is it time to replace your water filter?

“Replace Filter” light on? We know this can be annoying, but is it really time to replace the filter? As you may know, these filters are not cheap! Most of them range from $45-$55 (ouch) so we want to use them as long as possible.

The refrigerator manufacturer wants us to buy as many filters as possible within the life of our refrigerator. They recommend replacing the filter every six months. Regardless of how much you have actually used the water dispenser, that light will come on to tell you to buy a new one.

We recommend you press the “reset” button and keep using that bad boy! The purpose of a water filter is to remove the sediment and impurities from our ice and water. If there are only a couple of people in the household and the dispenser is not being used frequently, we can get far more than six months! You will know it is time to swap out the filter when the water dispenser starts to turn to a trickle, the ice production is slow or you have noticed a funny smell to the ice/water. This simply means that the sediment the filter has been working so hard to keep out of you water has begun to build up and is no longer allowing the water to flow through. An old water filter can also lead to ice maker and water dispenser issues.

You’re in luck! We here at Snow Bros. want you to have clean water AND save money! We stock all brands of water filters and will be happy to help you find what filter you need for your model of refrigerator. As an added bonus, since we’re so excited about our water filter blog post, we are offering 10% off select Whirlpool water filters! Stop by sometime soon to talk water filters with us!

Save 10% on Whirlpool Filters


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