Appliance Misnomers!

  • “I measured my current refrigerator.”
    • We need the available space in your kitchen not the dimension of your current refrigerator.
  • “My dryer plugs in, so it’s electric.”
    • Actually, all dryers plug in. An electric dryer runs on a 220 volt outlet. I tell my customer who are unsure that this plug would be quite large, similar to the size of your fist. A gas dryer DOES plug in! This is just a 110 volt outlet to operate the control panel. You would then also have a gas shut off behind the dryer.
  • “My doorways are standard width.”
    • If only the world was that kind. There is no such thing as a standard doorway. We have to be particularly careful with this in the Cleveland area where some of the homes are over 100 years old. The doors are often too narrow to get some of the larger appliances into the space desired. If needed, doors can been taken down to maximize space but it can still be tight!
  • “I have a dishwasher in my kitchen now so any new one will fit.”
    • Wrong. We always have to pay special attention to the height of the opening. In some cases, people have installed new flooring in front on the dishwasher which shortens the opening. This will deter an install from getting the current dishwasher out or getting the new one in.
  • “I don’t want convection in my oven because I’ve never used it before.”
    • All ovens that have a convection bake setting also has a traditional bake setting! Even if you have convection, you do not have to use it.
  • “I have a 30″ cooktop in granite counter tops, show me what will work.”
    • I’d love to! But, I don’t know the dimensions of the cutout in your beautiful counter tops. Without having the dimensions underneath your cooktop, we can not 100% point you towards a cooktop that you would not have to cut the counter to make fit.

I’m sure the list could go on. Since we are not buying appliances on a daily basis there can be a lot of details over looked. It is our job at Snow Bros to make sure we guide you in the right direction and ask all the right questions. Feel free to hit us with all of your silliest questions!

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