Why To Cook with Steam

Cooking with steam is one of the healthiest ways to cook! The steam envelopes the food and puts no pressure on the food so the vitamins & minerals aren’t cooked out of it.

The main advantage of cooking with steam is:

  • Virtually no nutrients are lost: When food is not immersed in water the vitamins and minerals aren’t cooked out so you will get roughly 50% more vitamins & minerals in your vegetables.
  • It is a low-fat way of cooking: The fat will separate itself and drip into the baking pan.
  • Reheating: When you reheat with steam you won’t lose the original moisture and flavors in the food.
  • Easier meal preparation: When using steam you can cook multiple foods at once and not share the flavors.

On most of the steam ovens they are actually combination units which means they offer both steam and convection features.  By having this you can use either option by itself or combine them making this the most versatile appliance in your kitchen.  When combining both features meat and poultry will be moist and not dried out and bread will have a crispy crust and moist center.


We currently have steam ovens on display from Thermador, Bosch, Wolf, Miele & Jenn-Air.  Most of these units are fully functional for you to come in and demo. Call today with questions! 440-449-2650

Written by Rick Ritt, Builder Sales Specialist

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